For God so loved the world

that He gave his only begotten Son

that Whosoever believth in him

Should not perish

But have eternal life

Who can love me

Creator can love me

He knows me so well before I was forming in my mother's womb

who made me holy before I was born from my mother

In his time He set me over the nations as his servant

Redeemer who can forgive all my sins

Healer who can get rid off sickness

Almighty God who can cast out evil spirit

Prince of peace bring victory against wars

Living Light who can cast out all kind of darkness

He gave His only begotten Son

Son is redeemer, Healer, almighty, Prince of peace and living Light

Whosoever believth in everlasting Father should not perish

His unfailing love will save us from curse and eternal punishment

He will pour out His Spirit and power and give eternal life